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Why invest in Farmhouse Land Near Jewar


Jewar Airport

  • Noida International Airport
  • Asia's Largest Airport
  • Ready by 2024
  • 7,200 acres with Six Runway
  • Project Cost 30,000 Crore

Yamuna Expressway

  • 165 Km long Delhi to Agra
  • Delhi Mumbai Highway
  • Cost 1 Lakh Crore
  • Highway Length 1350 Km

Film City

  • Film City is in Sector 21
  • Area 1000 Acre
  • Investment 1000 Crore
  • Divided in 3 Phases
  • 90 Year Licence
Motor Racing - Formula One World Championship - Miami Grand Prix - Qualifying Day - Miami, USA

F1 Race Track

  • Part of JP Sport City
  • Apparel Park : 300 Acres
  • MSME Park : 240 Acres
  • Handicraft : 50 Acres
  • Toy Park : 100 Acres
  • Medical Device Park Sec 28
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we buy land from AGF Farms?

We sell Authority Approved Farmhouse land opposite Noida International Airport at very low cost as compare to other builders. 

Does This land is under Yamuna Floodplains ( Doob Area )?

NO ( Yamuna River is 7 Km from this Land )

Who is the concerned development Authority for this Area?

Town and Country Planning Department, Haryana ( DTP – Palwal ).

What percentage of construction is allowed on this land?

This land is under De-control zone as per Town Planning Haryana, therefore there is no limit for area coverage.

Do we need to Apply for a building plan sanction to the Town and Country Planning Department Haryana?

This Land is in De-control zone ( Beyond Town Planning Limits ), hence we do not need to get a building plan sanction. But if we apply, TCPD would give us NOC for the same.

How much time Town and Country Planning Department takes for NOC and Cost?

3- 5 Working days at negligible cost.

Does Yamuna Expressway Development Authority have any jurisdiction/Notification for any construction in this area?

This land belongs to Haryana and YEIDA is the development Authority of U.P. Therefore YEIDA has no jurisdiction or say upon any construction or development on this land.

What are the activities permitted here?

As this Area is De-Control Zone, any legal activity is allowed like Agriculture, Industry, Commercial, Warehousing, Education, Recreational, etc.

If Warehousing is allowed, Can I Plan a big warehouse here?

Though Warehousing activity is permitted but Government roads are narrow and Haryana Government has No immediate plan for any development in this area. Therefore Big warehousing is not advisable.

What would be the future of this Area?

This whole area would get converted in private farmhouses in the next 5 – 7 years with narrow roads, like Mehrolli and Chhattarpur in Delhi.

Note: Answers are the personal views of the legal advisors of the company.

#Invest in Jewar

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